The perfect screen size fit for your House, Buy Best 42 inch LED TV in India!

  • This product is available in Masticoopon, Amazon, , Snapdeal, Paytm.
  • At you can purchase LG 106 cm (42) Full HD Smart 3D LED TV 42LF6500 for only 35,000.00, which is 52% less than the cost in Amazon ( 73,000.00).
  • The lowest price of Sony 108 cm (43 inches) BRAVIA KDL-43W950D Full HD 3D Android LED TV was obtained on December 2, 2017 5:57 pm.

The perfect screen size fit for your House, Buy Best 42 inch LED TV in India! In the present market of TV varieties, LED’s take the cake among the numerous brands of TV in India. It is due to their ability to produce detailed colour brightness and provide low power consumption. Concerning screen sizes, 42 inch screen size for LED TV’s is quite popular among the general masses in India. This screen size is a perfect fit for houses with decent sizes when it concerns the living room and specifically for various apartments where the rooms are bigger.

Best 42 inch LED Smart TV in India.

In this aspect, viewing distance plays a huge factor and it is suggested to have a viewing distance between 6 to 8 ft. Usually, LED or HD TV’s of bigger screen sizes are prescribed for bigger rooms due to the fact that picture clarity, colour production in HD and 3D can only be experienced properly from a good distance. Otherwise, the viewing tends to come as a cropper if it is not maintained at a decent length/distance. This way, the user gets to enjoy the visual experience and also garner the most out of the screen. Sound system with these HD TVs are also well received from a decent distance hence it is of utter importance that you consider viewing distance before finalizing on the screen size of the TV.

Best 40 inch LED TV in India under 30000.

Some 42″ inch LED TV listed Below:

LG 42LF553A 106 cm (42) Full HD LED Television


A television which will incorporate all the latest features with ground breaking technology is what makes the LG so famous among all. The new LG 42LF553A 106 cm (42) Full HD LED Television will be single-handedly the most useful household electronic product in your home. The impressive specs will let you enjoy your favourite blockbusters in rich detail. With a stunning display and incredible sound, relive the digital experience in real life. This LG Full HD Television is here to enthral you with its brilliant performance and note-worthy design.

Display Type

The LG 42LF553A 106 cm (42) Full #HD #LED Television would provide you with some of the most alluring features. The panels of this television are ultra slim. It has a Full #HD technology with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The wide variance of colours supported by this TV is going to provide you with optimum #TV watching experience. The varied viewing angles will let you watch your favourite movies and videos from a wide number of angles. The aspect ratio of this TV is the standard 16:9.

Best 42 inch LED Smart TV in India.

Screen Size

The screen size of this LG 42LF553A 106 cm (42) Full HD LED Television is 106 cm (42). Get every detail of the miniature characters on your screen through this #LEDTV. The slimline styling blends naturally into a living room, enabling hassle-free mounting on a wall. Since the screen has minimal bezels, you can focus on your content with near edge-to-edge details. It is an ideal mixture of form and function for an immersive entertainment experience.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-43W950D 108cm (43) Full HD 3D LED Android TV

Full HD: High Definition with extra brilliance

Experience our stunning Full HD picture quality, whatever you’re watching across all your entertainment. From Blu-ray Discs™ to catch-up TV to smartphone photos, you can see it all in perfect clarity on the big screen with this #BRAVIATV.


See rich, vibrant colours in every scene. A TRILUMINOS displays more colours than a conventional TV, so you see lifelike pictures with vivid reds and natural-looking greens and blues. Because a #TRILUMINOS Display selectively maps colours across the wide gamut available thanks to the specially-developed backlight, subtle colours do not become oversaturated and unnatural. You’ll enjoy vivid, authentic images that evoke the emotion.

Best 42 inch LED Smart TV in India.

Immerse yourself in 3D

Enjoy compatible Blu-ray movies, TV broadcasts and web videos with finely detailed 3D images. See pictures with a more natural depth of field and immerse yourself in sport, movies and games like never before.

Slim look

Slimline styling blends effortlessly into a living room, enabling easier mounting on a wall. The screen has a narrow frame, accented with aluminium and minimal bezels, so you can focus on your entertainment with near edge-to-edge pictures. It’s an ideal blend of form and function for an immersive entertainment experience.

Best 40 inch LED TV in India under 30000.

Noble Skiodo 107 cm (42 inches) 42KT424KSMN01 4K Ultra HD LED TV (Black)


Enter the world of Ultra high definition with crystal clear picture quality and a viewing enhancer plus that brings images to life. Make your visual experience splendid and vibrant & bring minute detail to life redefining the art of visual storytelling. Using the latest technology, our 4x Graphic engines rectifies any color deviation and brings you the most vibrant and clear image that enhances your entire viewing experience.


Now, see the world with greater realism and depth as hidden beauty comes alive. A wide viewing angle lets you experience the same picture quality as if you are sitting right in front of the #TV, whether you are standing or lying down. Our best in industry LED panels provide consistent and crisp images with great contrast even while viewing from far angles.

Best 40 inch LED TV in India under 30000.

LG 42LF6500 106.68 cm (42) Full HD 3D Smart LED Television


The television is one of the main sources of entertainment as well as information and it is globally acknowledged around the world. This device is one of the most essential in the modern home as it allows one to unwind in the best possible manner. Of all the technologies used in making good televisions, the LED technology is one of the most popular. Therefore, if you are in search of a utilitarian LED Smart TV, then take a look at this utilitarian LG 42LF6500 106.68 cm (42) 3D Full HD LED Television. Now available online at a reasonable price at Snapdeal.

This television is most suitable for your home. Brought to you by popular brand #LG, this television ensures excellent performance. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year that adds utility to the product. So now you can easily repair it, in case you face any problems during the warranty period. The screen size of the television is 106.68 cm and is ideal for your living room or entertainment room. The size of the screen gives you crisp visuals and sharp images that help you see every minute detail on screen. The Triple XD Engine and the Resolution Upscaler feature make this television a cut above the rest when it comes to picture quality and clarity.

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Best 40 inch LED TV in India under 30000.


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